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American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2012)

The Active Living by Design grant program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation from 2003-2009, is featured in a new supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (Volume 43, Issue 5, Supplement 4 - November 2012). Developed in partnership with Transtria LLC, the AJPM supplement focuses on evaluation of the five-year grant program and features a variety of commentaries, an in-depth assessment of the 5P Community Action Model, cross-site analysis and results from a number of grantee communities. View the supplement and individual manuscripts here.

Fit Community Case Studies

These case studies summarize the Fit Community initiative, an innovative program that helped generate changes in policies and environments in municipalities and counties across North Carolina between 2006 and 2012. The Fit Community Case Studies provide a rich array of stories and lessons learned from a variety of settings that can be used by community partnerships, funders and technical assistance providers engaged in similar work across the state and the nation. The case studies also offer a variety of relevant resources from featured Fit Community grantees and designees.

ALBD Active Living Resource Guide

This annotated resource guide provides a listing of relevant programs, organizations, tools and presentations intended to support increasing active living via community design. Policy and environmental changes for the built environment and active living will allow families and children to have access to affordable and healthy choices for their physical activity.
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